What Would Google Do?
Publisher: HarperBusiness
Jeff Jarvis
Language: English
ISBN10: 0061709719
269 pages
2.01 MB/>Jarvis, columnist and blogger about media, presents his ideas for surviving and prospering in the Internet age, with its new set of rules for emerging technologies as well asindustries such as retail, manufacturing, and service. We learn that customers are now in charge, people anywhere can find each other and join forces to support a company sefforts or oppose them, life and business are more public, conversation has replaced marketing, and openness is the key to success. Jarvis other laws include being a platform(help users create products, businesses, communities, and networks of their own); hand over control to anyone; middlemen are doomed; and your worst customer is your bestfriend, and your best customer is your partner.
Jarvis offers thoughtprovoking observations and valuable examples for individuals and businesses seeking to fullyparticipate in our Internet culture and maximize the opportunities it offers. It is unclear what role Google played, if any, in the preparation of this book, which providesexcellent advertising for the company.
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